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Long Suffering: A New York Knicks Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

We didn't even say Happy Thanksgiving or anything in this episode did we?  Doesn't matter.  Knicks have a rough weekend.  Brian and Jay talked about it.  

Nov 22, 2022

Knicks even up their record after going 3-2 on a West Coast campaign.  What's different?

Nov 18, 2022

The gang is back celebrating two back to back wins on the road in Utah and Denver. Thibs may have righted the ship for now, or was it the accountability dinner hosted by Julius Randle? Jay sells aquarium equipment mid-show and we discuss Leon Rose's role in the overall state of the Knicks. Keep Suffering.

Nov 14, 2022

Bockers cough up 145 on a Thibs coached team.  Something has to change.  He's gotta go and now all three of us here at LSNYK INC. are in full agreement.  Also, IQ may be drawing interest from some other teams.  Find out how we feel about all of it. 

Nov 10, 2022

You can't tell me that Thibs is the right coach for this team anymore.  He's totally lost.