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Long Suffering: A New York Knicks Podcast

Jun 27, 2021

After a week off, Jay and Troy go through their wish list of free agents for our beloved Knicks. Lonzo, Powell, Schroeder and Lowry, Mitch vs. Olynyk.... decisions, decisions. A tiny bit of CP3 and Trae love in this one. 53 million in PROJECTED cap space, we break it down.

Jun 15, 2021

Check out this trade show special as we debunk trade myths, rumors, and seemingly fall into another Julius Randle debate. Jay and troy gush over the prospects of a sign and trade for Lonzo Ball, while it appears Dame and Beal are highly unlikely to be Knicks.

Jun 8, 2021

After a break from doing shows to cope with the reality of a Knicks series loss to the Hawks, we are back with our concluding thoughts. Jay takes Randle to task as we debate if he is a max contract player at this moment. A BRIEF overview of a few Knicks targets this offseason via free agency as we prepare for...